AIA Seattle has over 20 active committees who actively present programs, events, and address topics that are in alignment with the organization's visions. Committees are a great place to meet fellow designers with shared passion and values.

Vision 1: Society Committees

AIA Seattle is the leading credible voice for quality design and the built environment. We inspire the public to expect and demand design excellence in the built environment, fostering a region that values and invests in great design. We serve society by creating public programs through Design in Public, and advocating for policies that support a well designed and sustainable built environment

Vision 2: Profession Committees

AIA Seattle is the recognized leader for knowledge about the practice and profession of architecture. We anticipate emerging design and industry issues relevant to our members and society and answer with education and content. We serve the profession by advance the level of dialog about design through our annual Honor Awards program, and developing new, deeply researched curriculum to meet our members’ needs.

Vision 3: Member Committees

AIA Seattle delivers on-going value to members through programs and services that effectively meet, anticipate, and exceed their needs. We cultivate lifelong members that receive true value and are ambassadors for our profession. We serve our members by modeling the diversity in our community by engaging a diverse range of professions, ages, genders, career directions, cultural backgrounds and experience levels, encourage active member participation, and support our members with professional resources.

Vision 4: Organization Committees

AIA Seattle builds relationships and influence at all levels of the Institute to promote the best interests of members and improve Institute effectiveness. We build productive relationships with our AIA partners to better serve our members and propel the Institute forward. We serve the organization by seeking to increase the value our members get for their dues at all levels of the AIA, and developing a collaborative, aligned and productive relationship with other AIA components.


Design in Public

Seattle Design Festival 2018: TRUST

The 2018 Seattle Design Festival was September 6-21. Read more


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