Milbrandt Architects

Celebrating 37 years of service, during which time we have been involved in hundreds of successfully completed projects. It is upon this solid foundation of experience that we approach all projects. Our portfolio varies greatly in size and type, but the underlying motivation is the synergy of user needs, aesthetics, and economic parameters.

While aesthetic appeal is important to a project’s identity, our approach is holistic and insists on vigorous collaboration with consultants and agencies, as well as unrestricted client involvement. The result: a more intelligent, sustainable project; one that meets established economic and market goals, and whose occupants are both well served and inspired!

Milbrandt Architects provides architectural services in a variety of areas including Mixed-Use, Multifamily, Townhouses, Clubhouses, Senior Living and Single Family architecture.

Established: 1981


Milbrandt Architects

25 Central Way, Suite 210 Kirkland, WA 98033

Phone: (425) 454-7130