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AIA Seattle annually offers over 50 continuing education opportunities.

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Online Continuing Education: The Future of Residential Design

Earn up to 5.75 LU (HSW)

Filmed live at AIA Seattle’s 2018 Housing Design Forum, Inspiration, Innovation, Impact: The Future of Residential Design is now available online through aecKnowledge. This series features 10 captivating speakers and combines keynote presentations, case studies, research and provocative dialogue. Find out how today’s most inspired architects and thinkers employ innovative performance strategies, explore materials, and engage with questions about the future of housing design. Featuring keynote speaker Stephen Kieran, FAIA, LEED Fellow (KieranTimberlake).


Our major education programs for 2018 include:

Medical Design Forum: Design Strategies for Responsive Care

February 8 and 9, 2018

2 Full Days | 13 LU (HSW)

This year’s Medical Design Forum includes two full days of in-depth presentations, conversations and case studies focused on design strategies for responsive care. How can design professionals partner with healthcare providers and caregivers to support a more resilient healthcare system? This two-day forum will explore approaches to integrated care for behavioral health, provider initiatives for community wellness, and various research, tools and strategies currently informing healthcare design. Sessions will combine the expertise of architects, engineers, owners, providers and caregivers. More information here.

Small Firm Management Workshop Series

April 18 | July 18 | October 17

Specifically designed for small firm owners and architects, this 3-part interactive series will explore in-depth foundational knowledge for successful firm management. Sessions include:

  • April Session 1 | Best Laid Plans: Business Planning for Small Firm Architects
  • July Session 2 | Marketing and Business Development Basics for Small Firm Architects
  • October Session 3 | Beyond Intuition: Financial Management for Small Firm Architects

More information and links to registration here!

Housing Design Forum – Inspiration, Innovation, Impact: The Future of Residential Design

May 7, 2018

Full Day | 8 LU (HSW)

This year’s Housing Design Forum will focus on single-family residential design, and will be divided into three sessions: inspiration, innovation and impact. How are today’s most inspired architects and thinkers employing innovative performance strategies, exploring materials, and engaging with questions about the future of housing design? This full-day program will combine keynote presentations, case studies, research and provocative dialogue.

More information here!

And if you missed this forumInspiration, Innovation, Impact: The Future of Residential Design is now available online through aecKnowledge. Earn up to 5.75 LU/HSW. Save 20% when you purchase the 5-part series.

Code Series – Got Codes?

May 23 | June 13 | July 25 | October 24

Each year, code experts work with the AIA Seattle Code Committee to determine the most relevant topics to focus on in a series of short or half-day programs. This year’s series will include 4 sessions, and will plan to cover topics including accessibility, assembly occupancies, the nuts and bolts of residential codes, and more.

More information and links to registration here.

Design for Learning Forum: K-12 Environments

October 15, 2018

Full Day | 6 LU (HSW)

This full day continuing education forum will address head-on some of the most pressing disruptors and design opportunities facing schools today. How are PreK-12 environments changing to meet the needs of students, families, educators, and communities? What do these changes in education and society mean for the design of learning environments? Featuring a dynamic keynote, an informative panel discussion, and interactive ‘design conversations,’ we will explore key relationships between design, learning, and social change.

More information and links to registration here. 

Contested Spaces: What is a city for all?

December 10, 2018

1:30 – 7:00pm | 5 LU (HSW)

AIA Seattle + Design Swarms invite you to participate in this year’s thought leadership summit on the topic of cities for all.

Join us on Monday, December 10 for Contested Spaces: What is a city for all? featuring a series of community-led lightning talks and collaborative Design Swarms (facilitated by Surya Vanka, Founder & Principal of Authentic Design). Transforming design thinking into accessible game-board exercises, Design Swarms help groups to foster empathy, visualize shared challenges, and ideate around solutions to a specific problem. This summit will convene design professionals, citizen advocates, community partners, and government representatives around the challenges and opportunities of co-creating a city for all.[1]

As our region grows and our cities densify, we face a complex set of challenges when seeking to include and serve the many voices that make up our communities, and we often find ourselves in highly contested urban spaces. Who gets to participate in decisions about housing, public space, land, and community identity? Do our cities accurately reflect who we want to be? If not, what needs to change, and how can design be deployed as an agent of change?

[1] The New Urban Agenda, a robust document adopted at the United Nations HABITAT III Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Quito, 2016), envisions “cities for all,” defined as “referring to the equal use and enjoyment of cities and human settlements, seeking to promote inclusivity and ensure that all inhabitants, of present and future generations, without discrimination of any kind, are able to inhabit and produce just, safe, healthy, accessible, affordable, resilient, and sustainable cities and human settlements, to foster prosperity and quality of life for all.”

More information and link to the registration wait list here.

*All program information / dates are subject to change. Please check back for updated information.


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