Public Policy Board

Architects care about the places they live and have the knowledge and tools to make a difference through design.

Through advocacy, AIA Seattle promotes a well designed, sustainable city and creates opportunities for architects to prosper. Our advocacy agenda spans all scales of design in our city. AIA Seattle’s Public Policy Board (PPB), appointed by our Board of Directors, leads our advocacy efforts. Each fall, the PPB seeks member input on advocacy priorities, then selects a handful of issues as the focus of our work for the coming year.

What we do

  • Select a limited number of priority issues for direct advocacy
  • Recommend positions on issues for consideration by the AIA Seattle Board; the AIA Seattle Board issues new position statements on behalf of the organization
  • Seek input from other design and allied professionals

What we are working on

Ongoing advocacy priorities include:

  • Housing: Seattle’s HALA & MHA processes; housing availability; homelessness
  • City Design: Design Review process; urban design plans; Seattle’s comprehensive plan; mass transit
  • Sustainable Design: energy codes; high performance buildings; carbon pricing; materials transparency
  • Seattle Central Waterfront: support Seattle’s ongoing design and funding processes

For more information on the PPB’s priorities, please review AIA Seattle’s Advocacy page.

The Public Policy Board Steering Committee and AIA Seattle do not endorse political candidates or take positions on specific building projects.

Committee members are appointed by the Board President. If you are interested in participating in one of the current policy issue groups or would like to raise an issue for consideration by the Public Policy Board, please send an email to the Committee Chairs.


Committee Chair(s):

  • Rick Mohler AIA
  • David Fish AIA
  • Contact the Committee Chair(s):

    [email protected]

    Updates from Public Policy Board

    Join AIA Seattle’s Homelessness Task Force

    AIA Seattle’s public policy advocacy efforts span all aspects of a well-designed, livable city. Our concept of a livable city includes one where everyone has a home. AIA Seattle’s Public Policy Board has been exploring issues related to homelessness and

    Champions for Change: Advocacy Opportunities

     Opportunities to Comment Oct. 3 – Waterfront Attend Waterfront Seattle’s Open House on pedestrian improvements connecting the waterfront to Pike-Pine.  5-7 pm, Washington State Convention Center, Skybridge Lobby: Level 4. Oct. 17 & 26 – MHA, Comp Plans, ADUs Attend

    Summer 2017 Advocacy Updates – Mayoral Forum, Capital Budget & More

    AIA Washington Council’s Spring Advocacy Conference prepares members for the next legislative session AIA Washington Council held its Spring Advocacy Conference in June to make preparations for the 2018 state legislative session.  Although the 2017 session remained stuck in budget

    Built Environment Mayoral Candidate Forum

    Seattle will have a new mayor next year, and the built environment of our city is under stress like never before.  How do the candidates propose to accommodate the 3,125 new Seattleites who arrive each month while addressing the homelessness

    Mandatory Housing Affordability Draft EIS Available for Comment

    The Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) has issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that studies three alternatives for zoning changes needed to implement Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA). MHA was a key recommendation of the Housing Affordability

    City Council votes on HALA-related rezones for Downtown and SLU

    On Monday, April 10, the full Seattle City Council will vote to expand the City’s Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) rezone program to Downtown and South Lake Union.  MHA will require developers to build affordable homes or contribute to a City

    Federal, State and Local Advocacy Updates – and a new Advocacy Manager

    The past month has been an active one for advocacy on the built environment, at every level, from city to state to federal. As always, AIA advocacy is led by our members’ interests, and enhanced by the expertise and engagement

    HALA: What’s Happening Now

    The Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) is a set of 65 recommendations issued by the 28 member HALA Advisory Committee to address Seattle’s housing affordability crisis. Read more

    Advocacy Update: AIA Endorsement of I-732, Action on Transit, Living Buildings, and More

    Why AIA Seattle Endorses Initiative 732 The AIA Seattle Board of Directors has voted to endorse Washington Initiative 732, a plan to tax carbon emissions at their source over the next 40 years. We encourage AIA Seattle members to vote

    Design in Public

    Seattle Design Festival 2017: POWER

    The 2017 Seattle Design Festival will be September 9-22. Read more