Also join other committees at their upcoming events:

UDF’s Urbanizing the Suburbs | October 22

COTE’s Green Infrastructure in Seattle | October 25

Solo Practitioners Roundtable (SPRouT) | November 1

and YAF & WiD’s Happy Hour | November 8

Register now for the fourth session in the Got Codes? series, Know What You Don’t Know: Residential Codes and Permit Process Hurdles. This session will address common issues for residential projects: Land Use, Building Code and Energy Code. And specifically address current design issues for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)/Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (DADU), home business/office, Substantial Alterations, Existing Non-conforming Conditions and site access and environmentally critical areas (ECA).

This spring, Design in Public and AIA Seattle hosted Displaced: Design for Inclusive Cities, an international design ideas competition calling upon designers of all disciplines to apply the power of design thinking to the urgent need to welcome, support and empower urban immigrants and refugees.

From 40 submittals, the jury chose 5 final award winners, with a diversity of ideas for improving the immigrant and refugee experience. Learn more about the competition and view the winning submittals here.

Join us for this exclusive Member Access event where Michael Rydinski and Carrie Simmons from Decorative Metal Arts (DMA) will demonstrate and explain the technical aspects of steel and lead participants through a hands-on metal demonstration. Suitability of various metal finishes and their specification will be discussed; the types of corner joints for sheet metal / plate and their cost implications; appearance of weld types and their specification; as well as material sizing considerations when designing.

The AIA Seattle Board of Directors and Staff would like to recognize and appreciate the enormous contributions these individuals have given in their roles on our Board of Directors, as Steering Committee members and as Committee Chairs.

It is through these passionate members that we have successfully engaged our community of architects and other design related professionals in meaningful conversations about the value of design and the profession.

In this issue of our monthly Advocacy Update: AIA Seattle Executive Director Lisa Richmond reports back from the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco earlier this month; AIA Members continue to push forward state code for tall wood buildings; AIA Washington council announces its annual Advocacy Summit in Tacoma this November and releases its priorities for the 2019 Legislative Session; and ways you can get involved in state and local advocacy, including phone banking for I-1631.

Thank you to our members, volunteers, and sponsors for demonstrating the critical relevance of architecture and design in 2017. Our activities flourished as our members played an active role in conversations that are shaping our region: advocacy was a major focus for the year; programming and public interest in the Center for Architecture & Design continued to grow; robust peer-to-peer professional programming continues to be strong, and our committees elevated the conversations around urban issues. Read more in our AIA Seattle 2017 Annual Report.


Design in Public

Seattle Design Festival 2018: TRUST

The 2018 Seattle Design Festival was September 6-21. Read more


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