AIA Seattle is brimming with programs, opportunities, and resources for students of architecture. Student membership is an important bridge between students and experienced architects. And best of all, student membership is free!

By becoming a local student member, you join a broad network of professionals who are improving the practice of architecture, influencing our city, and engaging in professional development and career activities.


Member benefits include:

More support

More knowledge

More resources

Explore AIA National’s Member Benefits Guide.

Why Join

AIA Seattle annually offers over 50 AIA classes that meet Washington State’s new requirements for continuing education. There is no better place for architects to earn their 24 professional development hours.

With nearly 2,200 local members, AIA Seattle is a community of your design, construction and architecture colleagues tailored to inspire, educate and help advance your career.

Competitive Advantage
Being part of AIA Seattle is more than just these three letters after your name. Membership is about community, passion, education and a commitment to elevating design as a platform for making our city and our region better.