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Forum is a platform for critical dialogue about architecture in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. It is published quarterly, and reaches over 4000 architects and related professionals in the state of Washington.

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December 2011: Think Small: Big Ideas in Smaller Cities
March 2012: FutureCity
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Lisa Richmond executive director

In the Spring 2012 Issue of Forum, Evolving City did not have a proper byline: the article was written by Cameron Hall AIA. Paula Becker’s name was misspelled in the Table of Contents. DCI Engineers was inadvertently omitted from the the Swedish Issaquah Hospital project team in the listing for the NAIOP "Night of the Stars" program. The editorial board regrets these errors and omissions.
In the Summer 2011 issue, "What Do Awards Reward?" is incorrectly credited.  The byline should read "By Jerome J. Diepenbrock AIA with contributions by Lindsey Malone Pflugrath and Myer Harrel AIA."  The editorial board regrets the error.
In the Fall 2010 issue of Forum, Cristina Bump's name is misspelled.  We regret the error. 
In the Winter 2008/09 issue of Forum, the images of EX3 Ron Sandwith Teen Center on page 30 were incorrectly labeled. The photographer was Ben Benschneider. The editorial board regrets the error.

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