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ARE Prep Series Fall 2006 Architect Registration Exam Preparation Series

Tuesday & Thursday evenings 6-9pm, September 26-November 7, 2006
At AIA Seattle (Session A) + MulvannyG2 Architecture,* by advance registration only
*1110 - 112th Avenue NE, Suite 500, Bellevue
Join a peer group to prepare for the ARE, with expert guides – including info on exam features now in effect.
Location note: First session (A) at AIA Seattle; other sessions at MulvannyG2 Architecture, 1110 - 112th Avenue NE, Bellevue

A 09/26 Pre-Prep: Patricia Shelby AIA, MulvannyG2 Architecture, IDP Coordinator
B 10/03 Mechanical Systems: Erik Larson, Wood Harbinger Inc.
C 10/05 Electrical Systems: Larson
D 10/10Construction Documents: Brian Carter AIA, Integrus Architecture
E 10/12 Site Planning: Kiki Gram Assoc. AIA, Miller|Hull
F 10/17 Building Technology: Gram
G 10/19 Building Planning: Gram
H 10/24 General Structures I: Paul Crocker PE, SE, Reid Middleton
I 10/26General Structures II: Crocker
* 10/31 Hallowe'en/no session planned
J 11/02 General Structures III: Crocker
K 11/07 Lateral Forces: Crocker

Full series @ $125/AIA Seattle Member, $225/other
Per session (if space available): $25/AIA Seattle Member, $40/other

· FAQ about architect licensure
· About IDP (Intern Development Program)
· About the ARE
· ARE Study Guides

Instructors will distribute binders with all study materials to series attendees at Session A (6-8pm September 26 at AIA Seattle).
If you sign up for single session(s), please plan to pick up relevant sections at the AIA Seattle office.

AIA Seattle appreciates the cooperation of MulvannyG2 Architecture and the instructors and their firms in making this educational opportunity available.

Secure online registration form and contact information for registering via fax, phone or mail.


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