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Disaster Preparedness & Response Task Force

The Disaster Preparedness & Response (DP&R) Task Force informs and coordinates design professionals' action in preparing for and responding to disaster conditions. Activities have included offering seminars and workshops to prepare design profesionals for work of this kind to serve communities and clients, and organizing relief efforts.

For current information on the Disaster Preparedness and Response Task Force’s activities visit their website at www.aia-dpr.org.

For those that have taken the ATC-20 class, we encourage you to fill out the application to be an Emergency Worker with King County.


Megan Harmon, 206.448.4938

The DP&R Task Force meets every other month on the second Tuesday at 4pm at Schemata Workshop, 1720 12th Avenue #3. For current educational classes and other events related to this committee, visit our Calendar.
Who we are
Volunteer architects, engineers, facilities managers, and other design professionals, typically with training in ATC 20-21 Post-Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings.
What we do
1. Prepare for emergencies: training, seminars, information resources
2. Respond to an event with volunteers able to perform building damage assessments.
Where we volunteer
City of Seattle and other municipalities in King County, the Puget Sound Region, and beyond
In 2007, members assisted the City of Centralia by performing building damage assessments for flooded homes.  In 2005, in the wake of hurricane Katrina, the Task Force mounted the Mississippi Mission, sending damage assessment teams of knowledgeable design professional volunteers.  In 2001 the Task Force helped guide response to the Nisqually Earthquake affecting the Puget Sound region, resulting in recognition by the AIA Seattle 2001 Community Service Award. 


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