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AIA Seattle Honor Awards: projects cited 1950-

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AIA Seattle "Honor Roll"
This note from the history of AIA Seattle done for the 100th anniversary of its founding, published 1994: "The program for the 'First Annual AIA Honor Awards Program' was authorized at the April 1950 meeting of the chapter, and was announced on May 5, 1950. Fred Bassetti, chair of the Honor Awards and Craftsmanship Committee, organized the event with several other members including John Rohrer and Victor Steinbrueck. The program was successful and was repeated the following year. Invitations to compete were sent out April 12, 1951 over Victor Steinbrueck's signature. As for the previous event, the entries were reviewed and judged by the chapter's membership at the annual meeting. A third program was organized for the meeting of June 5, 1952, but the organizers were concerned about the fact that so few of the members actually voted and, in the course of the following year, it was decided to appoint a jury to review the submittals and make the awards. This system continues to the present day."

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Grand Honor Award:
*Seattle Park Department Administration Building (100 Dexter, Seattle): Young & Richardson
Honor Awards
*Warren L. Shattuck Residence (6561 Windermere Road, Seattle): Young & Richardson
*Trevor D. Roberts Residence (1874 Blue Ridge Drive, Seattle): Young & Richardson
*Jack Wolf Residence (2727 68th SE, Mercer Island): Robert H. Dietz
*Odessa Brown Clinic (9th & Jefferson, Seattle): Chiarelli & Kirk
*Church of Christ The King (11556 Phinney Avenue, Seattle): Paul Thiry

Honor Awards:
*G. J. Armbruster Residence (Lake Stevens): Bassetti & Morse
*Seattle Public Schools Administrative & Service Center (815 4th Ave. N., Seattle): J. Lister Holmes
*Southgate Elementary School (41st Ave. S. & S. 131st St., Seattle): Ralph Burkhard

National Grand Honor Awards:
*Gaffney's Lake Wilderness Lodge (Maple Valley): Young, Richardson, Carleton & Detlie
*Gamma Rho Apartments (North 44th & Fremont, Seattle): Bassetti & Morse; Wendell Lovett, Assoc.
Honor Awards:
*John H. Walker Residence (Bellevue): Robert Dietz
*J. H. Lehmann Residence (8041 32nd Ave. NW, Seattle): Roger Gotteland
*Blair Kirk Residence (3204 E. Lexington Way, Mercer Island): Paul Hayden Kirk
*Victor Steinbrueck Residence (1401 East Spring St., Seattle): Victor Steinbrueck
*Fauntleroy Congregational Church (9260 California, Seattle): Robert L. Durham

Honor Awards:
*Dwight H. Panchot Residence (6801 50th NE, Seattle): John T. Ridley
*Alden Mason Residence (Richmond Beach): Victor Steinbrueck
*Wendell Lovett Residence (14445 SE 55th St., Bellevue): Wendell Lovett
*Donald D. Fleming Residence (2101 102nd Place SE, Bellevue): Paul Hayden Kirk
National Merit Awards:
*Marshall Forrest Residence (Chuckanut Drive, Bellingham): Bassetti & Morse
*Walter F. Isaacs Residence (Hilltop Community, Bellevue): Bassetti & Morse
*Thomas David Stimson Residence (Richmond Beach Highlands): Paul Thiry
*Tacoma Pierce County Blood Bank Inc. (12th & M Streets, Tacoma): James J. Chiarelli
*Sam Clarke Real Estate Office (Bainbridge Island): Young, Richardson, Carleton & Detlie
*Lawrence & Hazen Architectural Office (8626 Roosevelt Way, Seattle): Lawrence & Hazen
*Lake City Clinic (3202 East 125th Street, Seattle): Paul Hayden Kirk
*Vernell's Fine Candies, Inc. (1825 Westlake North, Seattle): Decker & Christensen
*United Airlines Hangar (Seattle-Tacoma Airport): Young, Richardson, Carleton & Detlie
*Clyde Hill Elementary School (Bellevue): Naramore, Bain, Brady & Johanson
*Foster Junior-Senior High School (42nd S & S 144th Street, Seattle): Ralph Burkhard
*The Children's Orthopedic Hospital (Seattle): Young, Richardson, Carleton & Detlie
*Regents' Hill Girls' Dormitory (Washington State University, Pullman): Paul Thiry
National Honor Award:
Doctors Medical Clinic, Bellevue: Paul Hayden Kirk

Honor Awards:
*Gerald Martin Residence (6544 49th Ave. NE, Seattle): Bassetti & Morse
*John O'Brien Residence (5041 Lake Washington Blvd S, Seattle): Bassetti & Morse
*Larry Svare Residence (Juanita Heights, Juanita): Paul Hayden Kirk
*Bothell State Bank, Kenmore Branch: Young, Richardson, Carleton & Detlie
*Men's Residence Hall (UW campus): Young, Richardson, Carleton & Detlie
*Forest Lawn Mausoleum (6701 30th Ave. SW, Seattle): Durham, Anderson & Freed
*Volunteer Fire Station King County Fire District No. 20 (12417 76th Ave. S., Seattle): Albert O. Bumgardner
American Association of School Administrators Award:
*Lakeview School, Bassetti & Morse
National Honor Awards:
*Michael Klepash Residence (Weed, California), Arnold Gangnes
*Gerald Martin Residence: Bassetti & Morse
Masonry Award:
*Seattle Park Board Building: Young, Richardson, Carleton & Detlie
Seattle Times/AIA Home of the Year 1954:
*Gene Zema Residence (16040 35th NE, Seattle): Gene Zema

Honor Awards:
*Wallace H. Lovett Residence: Wendell H. Lovett
*P. Bradley Edes Residence (Hunts Point, Bellevue): Seth Fulcher
*St. George Church and Friary (5300 13th Ave. S., Seattle): Paul Thiry
*Museum of History & Industry (2720 Lake Washington Boulevard N., Seattle): Paul Thiry
*Seattle Public Library Northeast Branch (6801 35th NE, Seattle): Paul Thiry
*Benton County PUD Administration Bldg. (Kennewick): Bassetti & Morse
*Theo. Caldwell Residence (Bellevue): Bassetti & Morse
*Clark's Cleaners (441 SW 152nd St., Seattle): Ralph Burkhard
*Washington State Bank (Mercer Island): Mithun & Nesland
*Medical Arts Center (Bellevue): Mithun & Nesland
*Gene Zema Residence (16040 35th NE, Seattle): Gene Zema
*Dental & Medical Clinic (Richmond Highlands): Paul Hayden Kirk
*Law Offices (Anacortes): Paul Hayden Kirk
*Taskett Agency Office Building (201 Boren North, Seattle): Waldron & Dietz; Dan Miller
Seattle Times/AIA Home of the Year 1955:
*Strandberg Residence (2415 Killarney Way, Bellevue): Mithun & Nesland
National Merit Awards:
*Men's Residence Hall University of Washington: Young, Richardson, Carleton & Detlie
Church Architecture Guild Award:
*First Baptist Church, Everett: Durham, Anderson & Freed

Honor Awards:
*Graham Residence (16222 25th Ave. SW, Seattle): Albert O. Bumgardner
*Schlosser Residence (Star Route #1, Union): Bassetti & Morse
*Smith Clinic (9431 17th Ave. SW, Seattle): Paul Hayden Kirk
*Skyline House (600 Olympic Place, Seattle): Durham, Anderson & Freed
*Woodway Elementary School (Edmonds): Waldron & Dietz; Dan Miller Edmonds
Seattle Times/AIA Home of the Year 1956:
*George Hage Residence (2648 SW 167th, Seattle): Benjamin McAdoo

Honor Awards:

*Seattle-First National Bank Bellevue Branch: Mithun & Nesland Ridenour & Cochran
*Dowell Residence (5756 Wilson Ave., Seattle): Paul Hayden Kirk
*Olympic View Junior High School, Mukilteo: Waldron & Dietz
*Washington Conference of 7th Day Adventists Office Building (4414 Woodland Park Ave., Seattle): Robert J. Burman
Living for Young Homemakers Editors Award, AIA/Sunset Magazine, Honor Award:
*Electri Living House (107 Overlake Drive, Medina): Paul Hayden Kirk
House & Garden Awards:
*John Cecil Evan Residence (8085 W. Mercer Way, Mercer Island): Paul Hayden Kirk
*John Bowman Residence (10161 NE 113th, Kirkland): Paul Hayden Kirk
*John Russell Residence (107 Overlake Drive, Medina): Paul Hayden Kirk
*John Putnam Residence (1315 94th NE, Bellevue): Paul Hayden Kirk
Church Architecture Guild 1st Prize:
*St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, Burien: Durham, Anderson & Freed
Church Architecture Guild Honorable Mentions:
*East Shore Unitarian Church, Bellevue: Bassetti & Morse
*St. James Presbyterian Church Bellingham: Durham, Anderson & Freed
Seattle Times/AIA Home of the Year 1957:
*Lien House, Bystrom & Greco

Honor Awards:

*Group Health Northgate Clinic (10120 1st Ave. NE, Seattle): Paul Hayden Kirk & Assoc., Donald S. Wallace, David A. McKinley, Jr.
*Island Park School (5437 88th SE, Mercer Island): Bassetti & Morse
*Lange Residence (Mercer Island): A. O. Bumgardner
*MB Shopping Center (2810 Sunset Blvd. E., Renton): Johnston & Campanella
Seattle Times/AIA Home of the Year 1958:
*Gordon Cheney Residence: Harold Nesland

First Awards:

*Weeks Residence: Mithun Ridenour & Cochran
*Bellevue Presbyterian Church: Mithun Ridenour & Cochran
*University Federal Savings & Loan: Decker & Christenson
Awards of Merit:
* Westgate Elementary School: Miller, Morris
* Edmonds Senior High School: Waldron & Dietz
*Bothell Methodist Church: Durham, Anderson & Freed
*Health & Physical Education Building, Central Washington College of Education: Ralph Burkhard
*Pero Medical Center, Everett: Paul Hayden Kirk
*Wallace J. Reed House: A. O. Bumgardner
*St. Joseph's Church: Albertson, Wilson, Richardson
*Storey Cottages: Ellsworth Storey
Seattle Times/AIA Home of the Year 1959:
*Gordon Giovanelli Residence: Wendell Lovett

Honor Awards
*Allison Apartments (4329 15th Ave. S., Seattle): A. O. Bumgardner AIA & Partners
*Cedar Way Elementary School, Edmonds: Dan F. Miller AIA
*Emmanuel Episcopal Church (4400 86th SE, Mercer Island): Waldron & Dietz
*UW Faculty Center Building: Paul Hayden Kirk FAIA & Assoc. Victor Steinbrueck AIA
*Norton Building (2nd & Columbia, Seattle): Bindon & Wright; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Consultants
*WWU College of Education Student Union Building, Bellingham: Bassetti & Morse
*Unity Church of Truth (200 8th Ave., N., Seattle): Young, Richardson, Carleton Architects & Engineers
*University Unitarian Church (35th NE & NE 68th, Seattle): Paul Hayden Kirk FAIA & Associates
Elmer Todd House (The Highlands): Andrew Willatsen
Seattle Times/AIA Home of the Year 1960:
*Chester S. Bartholomew House (16258 25th W., Seattle): A. O. Bumgardner

Honor Awards:

*Alderwood Mall, LDS Chapel (22015 48th Street, Mountlake Terrace): Ibsen A. Nelsen & Russell B. Sabin; Gordon B. Varey, Associate
*Bethlehem Steel Seattle Plant Office Building (4045 Delridge Way, Seattle): Bindon & Wright, Architects
*Central WA State College Library, Ellensburg: Bassetti & Morse, Architects
*Kirk Office Building (2000 Fairview Ave. E., Seattle): Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, AIA & Assoc.
*Kirkland Fire Station (Second Street & Commercial Ave., Kirkland): Cummings & Martenson, Architects AIA
*Lovett Residence (5051 Ivanhoe Place NE, Seattle): Wendell H. Lovett AIA, Architect
*Southwest Branch Library (9010 35th Ave. SW, Seattle): Durham, Anderson & Freed, Architects AIA
*UW Women's Residence Hall (McCarty Hall): Young, Richardson & Carleton Architects & Engineers, AIA
*Loveless Studio Building (711 Broadway East, Seattle): Arthur L. Loveless FAIA

Honor Awards:

*Georgia-Pacific Idea House (8503 Inverness Drive NE, Seattle): Bassetti & Morse (also House & Home, Life Magazine Merit)
*Lakeshore Clinic (515 State Street, Kirkland): Cummings & Martenson, Architects AIA
*Lupton residence (3441 72nd Place SE, Mercer Island): Gene Zema, Architect, AIA
*Seattle Center Complex Exhibition Hall, Playhouse & Arena Exterior Parking Facility:
Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, AIA & Associates (w/ Norman G. Jacobson & Assoc., Structural Engineers)
*Temple de Hirsch Sanctuary (Pike Street at 16th Avenue, Seattle): B. Marcus Priteca FAIA; Detlie & Peck Architect, AIA
*US Federal Exhibit Building, Seattle Center: Minoru Yamasaki & Assoc. and Naramore, Bain, Brady & Johanson
*Weeks Residence (9819 46th Ave. SW, Seattle): Ibsen A. Nelsen, Russell B. Sabin, Gordon Varey Assoc.
*West Coast Telephone Company General Office Building: Ralf E. Decker AIA Architects
*Northern Life Tower (Third & University, Seattle): Albertson, Wilson & Richardson

Honor Awards:

*Horizon House (60th St. SW & 172nd SW): Dan Miller, Architect
*Dafoe Residence (Longbranch): Kirk, Wallace, McKinley AIA & Assoc.
*Johnson Residence (1111 Richmond Beach Road NW, Seattle): A. O. Bumgardner, AIA & Partners
*Ridgeway Dormitories Western Washington College, Bellingham: Bassetti & Morse, Architects
*St. Peter's Episcopal Church (1610 South King Street, Seattle): Grant, Copeland, Chervenak & Associates
*Ten-Unit Apartment Building (2221 NE 46th St., Seattle): Ted Bower, Architect
Merit Award:
*Washington State Library Building (Capitol Grounds, Olympia): Paul Thiry, Architect; Peter H. Hostmark, Structural Eng.
*North Trunk Sewer Viaduct & Footbridge (University of Washington Arboretum, Seattle): Willcox and Sayward

Honor Awards:

*Arthur & Winnifred Haggett Hall (University of Washington, Seattle): Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, AIA & Associates
*Hugo Winkenwerder Forest Science Laboratory (University of Washington, Seattle): Grant, Copeland & Chervenak, Architects, AIA & Associates
*Japanese Presbyterian Church (1801 24th Ave. S., Seattle): Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, AIA & Associates, Architects
*Lovett Residence (14445 SE 55th Street, Bellevue): Wendell H. Lovett AIA, Architect
Citation of Merit:
*Fidelity Lane (1622 Fourth Ave., Seattle): Durham, Anderson & Freed, AIA
Citation Award:
*The L. C. Smith Building (Second & Yesler, Seattle): Gaggin & Gaggin

Honor Awards
*IBM Office Building for the Hutton Settlement, Inc. (S. 800 Stevens Street, Spokane): Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, AIA & Associates
*King County Medical Service Corporation Bldg (1800 Terry Avenue, Seattle): Grant, Copeland, Chervenak & Associates
*Remodeled House-Office (2017 Broadway E., Seattle): A. O. Bumgardner, AIA
Award of Merit:
*Magnolia Branch, Seattle Public Library (34th Ave. W. & West Armour St., Seattle): Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, AIA & Associates
*Parke-Davis Co. Seattle Sales Office (Andover Industrial Park, Tukwila): Bindon and Wright, Architects
Citation Award:
*The Bartlett House (314 Polk Street, Port Townsend): Unknown

Honor Awards:

*Edward & Theresa McMahon Hall (University of Washington, Seattle): Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, AIA & Associates
*Ellensburg Dormitories (Central Washington State College): Fred Bassetti & Co. (also recognized by AIA national Honor Award)
*Lake City Branch Library (12501 28th Ave. NE, Seattle): John Morse and Associates
*Lodge Facilities, Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska: John Morse and Associates
*Skilling Residence (300 Webster Point Road NE, Seattle): Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, AIA & Associates
*Westlake Square, Seattle: John Morse and Associates

Honor Awards:

*UW Applied Physics Laboratory Additions & Alterations (1013 NE 40th, Seattle): A. O. Bumgardner & Partners
*East Pine Substation (23rd & East Pine, Seattle): Fred Bassetti & Co.
*Jefferson Terrace Apartments for the Elderly (800 Jefferson Street, Seattle): Kirk, Wallace & McKinley
*Tenth Church of Christ, Scientist (233 South 156th Street, Seattle): Young, Richardson and Carleton
Merit Awards:
*Battelle Memorial Institute Seattle Research Center (Laurelhurst): Naramore, Bain, Brady, Johanson
*UW Frederick Morgan Padelford Hall: Walker and McGough
*YMCA-YWCA (4525 19th Ave. NE, Seattle): Nelsen, Sabin & Varey

Honor Awards:

*Cordiner Hall (Whitman College, Walla Walla): Naramore, Bain, Brady and Johanson
*C. Clement French Administration Building (Washington State University, Pullman): Kirk, Wallace & McKinley
*James Martin Residence (5411 96th SE, Mercer Island): Richard W. Hobbs Assoc.
Awards of Merit:
*Camp Brotherhood Environ Mt. Vernon: 68 students under direction of Robert Small
*Harbormaster at Port Ludlow: Naramore, Bain, Brady and Johanson
*The Village (10116 NE 8th St., Bellevue): Mithun & Associates
Special Citations:
*Alterations to University Chevrolet (45th NE & Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle): Richard Bouillon
*AIA Seattle Chapter Office (311� Occidental Ave. S., Seattle): Wendell Lovett

Honor Awards:

*Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Everett: Grant, Copeland & Chervenak
*The Beach Club at Port Ludlow: A. O. Bumgardner & Partner
*UW Engineering Library & Loew Hall: Fred Bassetti & Co.
Awards of Merit:
*Fine and Applied Arts Complex (Central Washington State College, Ellensburg): Kirk, Wallace & McKinley
*Graham Residence (Clyde Hill, Washington): Hobbs/Fukui Associates
*College Place Medical Center (Lynnwood, Washington): Mithun & Associates

Honor Awards:

*Seattle-First National Bank Building: NBBJ
*KIRO Broadcast House (3rd & Broad, Seattle): Fred Bassetti & Company
*Arts Building Addition, Western WA State College (Bellingham): The Bumgardner Partnership
*Architect's Office (2027 Fifth Avenue, Seattle): Fred Bassetti & Company
Awards of Merit:
*College Club (5th & Madison, Seattle): Naramore Bain Brady & Johanson
*Clarke Residence (Bainbridge Island): The Bumgardner Partnership
Exhibition Award:
*Merle Cohn Residence: Reid Morgan
*State Dept. of Highways Building: The Richardson Associates
*Burien Public Library (Burien): Durham, Anderson & Freed
*BSD Office (Seattle): Business Space Design
*Gilbert Eade Residence: McClure-Nixon Company
*Medgar Evers Memorial Pool: John Morse & Associates
*Fred Paulsell, Jr. Summer Residence: Hobbs-Fukui Associates
*Bellevue State Patrol HQ & Communication Center (Bellevue): Decker, Kolb & Stansfield
*Lovett Summer House: Wendell Lovett

Honor Awards:

*Eade Residence: McClure/Nixon
*Burien Public Library: Durham Anderson Freed
*UW Aerospace Research Lab: The Richardson Associates
*Bellevue Holiday Inn (Bellevue): The Mithun Associates
*Talley Building (Bellevue): The Mithun Associates
*The Richardson Associates Office: The Richardson Associates
Exhibition Awards:
*Sudden Valley Golf & Country Club (Sudden Valley, Washington): Miles Yanick
*F. Y. Family Housing (Bremerton, Washington): James Dersham
*Beacon Hill Elementary: Durham Anderson Freed
*UW Henry Schmitz Hall: Waldron Pomeroy
Citation Award:
King Street Station: ?

No record available

Honor Awards:

*Sea-Tac Terminal & Parking: The Richardson Associates
*UW Charles E. Odegaard Library: Kirk Wallace McKinley
*Helene Madison Memorial Swimming Pool: Kirk Wallace McKinley
*Gerald Frey Residence: Wendell Lovett
*Sahalee Village Condominiums (Bellevue): The Mithun Associates
*Lake Wilderness Park Facilities (Maple Valley): Calvin/Gorasht
*The Evergreen State College Student Residence (Olympia): The Bumgardner Partnership
Merit Awards:
*King County Library, Seattle: Durham Anderson Freed
*Pier 70: Barnett Schorr
*TRA offices: The Richardson Associates
*The Bumgardner offices: The Bumgardner Partnership
Exhibition Awards:
*The Red Barn Ranch (Auburn, Washington): Hobbs/Fukui
*Westside Federal Savings & Loan: Callison Erickson & Hobble
*Sea-Tac Satellite Terminal: The Richardson Associates
*Bellevue Community College: Naramore Bain Brady & Johanson
*The Glass Blowing Works (Stanwood, Washington): Thomas Bosworth

First Honor Awards:

*Physio-Control Building: Kirk Wallace McKinley
*Jacobson House: Phil Jacobson
Honor Awards:
*Financial Center: Naramore Bain Brady Johanson
*UW Meany Hall: Kirk Wallace McKinley
*North Seattle Community College: Mahlum & Mahlum
*Christ Episcopal Church: Paul Thiry
Merit Awards:
*South Satellite/Transit System: The Richardson Associates
*US Pavilion/Expo '74 (Spokane, Washington): Naramore Bain Brady Johanson
*Fire Station #36: Joyce Copeland Vaughan & Nordfors
*Lockwood Townhomes: The Mithun Associates

First Honor Award:

*Mithun Associates Office (Bellevue): The Mithun Associates
Honor Awards:
*UW South Campus Center: The Bumgardner Partnership
*Rainier National Bank-Temporary Facility: The Richardson Associates
*Manastash Ridge Observatory: Joyce Copeland Vaughan & Nordfors
Merit Awards:
*The Fukui Residence (Seattle): Hobbs/Fukui
*Enlisted Men's Barracks (Adak, Alaska): Wright Gildow Hartman Teagarden
*Hongkong & Shanghai Bank, Seattle: The Richardson Associates
*Old City Hall, Tacoma: Barnett Schorr

Honor Awards:

*Federal Office Building, Seattle: John Graham & Company and Fred Bassetti & Company
*Maynard Building: Olson/Walker Associates
*Transit Passenger Shelter: The Richardson Associates
*Law Offices: Business Space Design, Inc.
Awards of Merit:
*Third & Battery Building: Dersham Architects
*State Office Building, Juneau (Alaska): John Graham & Company & Linn A. Forrest AIA
*Alaska Airlines Corporate Headquarters, Seattle: Kirk, Wallace, McKinley AIA & Associates
*Towerhouse Building for The Meadows (Redmond): The Mithun Associates
*Bloch's Queen Anne Restaurant: Jean W. Fraley and Associates
*Office and Equipment Building (Spokane): Wright Gildow Hartman Teagarden
*Hobbs House: Hobbs, Fukui Associates

First Honor Awards:

*The Children's Orthopedic Hospital and Medical Center, Phase 1 Addition: Naramore, Bain, Brady & Johanson
*Seattle Mental Health Institute: Fred Bassetti & Company/Architects
Honor Awards:
*Johnston Residence: L. Jane Hastings
*Seattle-First National Bank 3rd & Marion Branch: Hobbs Fukui Associates
*Washington State University Stadium, North Stands Replacement (Pullman): Naramore Bain Brady & Johanson
*Puget Sound Mutual Savings Bank: Business Space Design
Special Award:
*King County Stadium, "The Kingdome:" Naramore-Skilling-Praeger (A Joint Venture)

Jury: Takefumi Aida (Tokyo), Audrey Emmons AIA, Ronald H. Tan AIA
Honor Awards:
*Bellefield Residential Park: The Mithun Associates
*Lindstrom Residence: Morgan and Lindstrom
Awards of Merit:
*Seattle Aquarium: Fred Bassetti & Co./Architects
*The Pilchuck School: Thomas L. Bosworth AIA
*Mr. & Mrs. Max Scofield House: Wendell Lovett FAIA
*Salk Institute for Biological Studies Cancer Research Animal Facility Addition: Naramore Bain Brady & Johanson

Honor Award:
· Gerald Williams Residence: Gerald A. Williams
· Pike and Virginia Building: Olson/Walker Architects

Jury: Philip Johnson
Honor Awards
� The Architects Group: Bellingham Transit Terminal
� William Bastida AIA: The Livingston House
� Arne Bystrom AIA: Peggy Moore Residence
� Hobbs Fukui Associates: Seattle-First National Bank, Juanita Branch Motor Parking Facility
� Johnson Erlewine & Associates: North Puget Sound Radiation Therapy Center
� Kramer Chin & Mayo Inc.: Shelton Wastewater Treatment Facility
� Shavey DeGrasse Shavey, Partners in Architecture: Microwave Tower
� Keith Kolb AIA: Drs. John L. & Joan Hampson Residence-Addition
� Olson/Walker & Partners: Fryberger Houseboat
� Olson/Walker & Partners: Greenlake Sailing and Boating Facility

Jury: Galen Cranz PhD, Harold Hanen MRAIC, Henry Klein FAIA
Honor Awards:
� Bassetti/Norton/Metler: Sanitary Public Market Building
� Canatsey Weinstein Architects: Benoliel Residence
� Cardwell/Thomas Associates: Pike Place Market/Tenant Improvements
� James Cutler: Daubenberger Residence, Port Townsend
� R. F. McCann & Company: 5th Avenue Theatre Restoration
� Olson/Walker Partners: Smith Townhouses Commendations
� Canatsey Weinstein Architects: Pedersen Residence, Belfair
� Joyce, Copeland, Vaughan, & Nordfors: UW Student Union Building
� Charles Kober Associates: Nordstrom Mall (Salem, Oregon)
� Charles Kober Associates: Bellevue Square
� Kolb & Stansfield, Architects AIA: Seattle-First National Bank, Forks
� The Mithun Associates: King County North District Multi-Service Center
� Ibsen Nelsen & Associates Architects & Planners: Northwest Environmental Studies Center, Bellingham
� Warren Pollock & Associates, AIA: Speakerlab Roosevelt Store
� TRA Architecture Engineering Planning Interiors: Metro Magic Carpet Transit Shelter

Jury: George Hoover, Tannys Langdon, John M. Johansen
Honor Awards:
� Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA: Pilchuck School Office/Gallery Building
� The Bumgardner Architects: Market Place North Condominiums
� The Bumgardner Architects: Alexis Hotel
� Business Space Design, Inc.: Korea Exchange Bank
� Business Space Design, Inc.: The Court of Appeals of the State of Washington, Division 1
� Hobbs Fukui Davison: Port of Seattle Pier 48 Information and Observation Center
� Jones & Jones, Inc.: Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park (Renton)
� The Miller/Hull Partnership: Mercy Residence
� The Miller/Hull Partnership: Cedar Hills Activities Building/King County Alcoholism Center

Jury: James Freed FAIA, Rob Quigley AIA, Danny Samuals AIA
Honor Awards:
� NBBJ, The Heritage Building
� Olson/Walker Architects: The Hillclimb Court
� Clayton R. Joyce Architect: Lake Washington School District Administration Building
� Widgery/Silk Architects: Phillips Residence, A Pavilion Addition
Merit Awards:
� HDR: WPPSS Emergency Response Facility
� The Bumgardner Architects: The Watermark Tower
� Tonkin/Greissinger/Cuykendall/Iles: The Old Capitol Building
� James Cutler Architects: Larson Residence

Jury: Robert Cioppa, Susie S. H. Kim, Eric Owen Moss
Honor Awards:
� The Bumgardner Architects: Waterfront Place Building
� Olson/Walker Architects: Stewart Brothers Coffee
� TRA: Sheraton Tacoma Hotel

Jury: Norman Hotson, Douglas Kelbaugh, John Pastier, Ralph Rapson
Honor Awards:
� James Cutler Architects: Parker Residence
� The Miller/Hull Partnership: AWARE Shelter
� The Miller/Hull Partnership: Gorton/Bounds Cabin
� The NBBJ Group and Olson/Walker Architects: Merrill Place
� Olson/Walker Architects: South Arcade/98 Union
� Martin Henry Kaplan AIA: Ivey Seright: A Photographic Laboratory
� The Miller/Hull Partnership: First Hill Imaging Center
� Mithun Bowman Emrich Group: Pierpointe
� The NBBJ Group: Four Seasons Olympic Hotel Restoration
� Pollock Lau and Associates: Zig Zag House
� TRA: One Union Square
� TRA: Manson Bay Park
� Wyatt Stapper Architects: Bannerworks
� Zervas Group Architects: Hillside Homes
� Zervas Group Architects: Fire Station No. 3

Jury: Deborah Berke, Barry Downs, Roy Solfisburg
· NBBJ: The Bagley Wright Theatre
· LMN: Galland & Seneca Building

Jury: Alberto Bertoli, Richard Haag FASLA, Harry Wolf
Honor Awards:
1. Ibsen Nelsen & Associates: Museum of Flight
2. The Miller/Hull Partnership: Seattle Central Community College Marine Technology Facility
3. GGLO: Bez Residence
4. Cardwell/Thomas & Associates: Columbia Branch Library
5. Edward Weinstein Associates: The Flying Shuttle
Award of Merit:
o Cardwell/Thomas & Associates: Fire Station #6
1. The Henry Klein Partnership: A Private Island Retreat
2. Loschky Marquardt & Nesholm: Des Moines (Iowa) Convention Center

Jury: Stanley Boles, Laura Hartman, Laurence Speck; Moderator Lyn Kartiganer

Honor Awards:
1. Cardwell/Thomas & Associates: Broadway Market
2. James Cutler Architects: Highlands House
Awards of Merit:
1. Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA: San Juan Island Summer House
2. Arne Bystrom FAIA: Sun Valley Residence
3. Cardwell/Thomas & Associates: Abraham Vacation Home
4. Jones & Jones: Newcastle Beach Park
5. Ibsen Nelsen & Associates: Merrill Court
6. TRA: Washington State Convention & Trade Center
7. Wyatt Stapper Architects: Immunex Corporation
1. Business Space Design (NBBJ): Cable, Langenbach, Henry, Edmunds & Kinerk Law Offices
2. The Callison Partnership: The Inn at Semiahmoo
3. Jeremy H. Miller AIA: Great Pacific/Patagonia Retail Store

Jury: Don Canty, Peter Cardew, Joe Gonzalez; Richard Andrews, Moderator

Honor Award:
o Olson/Sundberg Architects: Urban Sanctuary - A Downtown Residence
Awards of Merit:
1. Carlson/Ferrin Architects: Larry's Market
2. The Miller/Hull Partnership: Evergreen Art Studio Facility
3. Olson/Sundberg Architects: Forest Retreat
4. Driscoll Architects: Post Alley Court
5. Jones & Jones: Asian Elephant Forest Exhibit (Woodland Park Zoo)
6. Business Space Design (NBBJ): Moss Adams offices
7. The Bumgardner Architects: Fishermen's Center
1. Anisoglu & Associates: Madison Park Townhomes
2. Northwest Architectural Co.: Chehalis Middle School
3. Carlson/Ferrin Architects: Metropolitan Savings Building Renovation
4. The Henry Klein Partnership: Restoration of Stadium High School (Tacoma)
5. The Callison Partnership: Carillon Point

Jury: Andrew Belschner, Michael McKinnell, Peter Pran; Moderator Paul Schell

Honor Award:
o Carlson/Ferrin Architects: Larry's Bellevue
Awards of Merit:
1. The Miller/Hull Partnership: Noyes/Ryan Cabin
2. NBBJ: Two Union Square
3. NBBJ: Market Place Tower
1. The Wendell Lovett Architects: Villa Simonyi
2. TRA & Fulton Gale Architects: King County Aquatic Center
3. TRA and others: Metro Tunnel Stations
4. Olson/Sundberg Architects: Overlake Park Presbyterian Church
5. Edward Weinstein Associates: il Vecchio
6. Edward Weinstein Associates: Port of Seattle Development Offices

Jury: Natalye Appel, Dianne Legge Kemp, Robert Kliment; Moderator T. Ellen Sollod
Honor Awards:
1. Wyatt Architects: Herring Newman Offices
2. The Miller/Hull Partnership: Jackson Cabin
3. NBBJ: University of Washington Fluke Hall
4. The Henry Klein Partnership: WSU Todd Hall Addition
Awards of Merit:
1. Edward Weinstein Associates: James Residence
2. The Miller/Hull Partnership: Boeing Cafeteria
3. NBBJ: East Wing/Providence Medical Center
4. Cardwell/Thomas & Associates: Everett Public Library
1. Bassetti Norton Metler Rekevics Architects: Franklin High School Renovation
2. Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA: Broudy House

Jury: Arne Bystrom, Sudhir Jambhekar, Robert Raasch, Norma Merrick Sklarek; Moderator Ken Schram

Honor Awards:
1. James Cutler Architects: Virginia Merrill Bloedel Education Center
2. The Bumgardner Architects: Fort Worden Balloon Hangar & McCurdy Pavilion
3. Adams/Mohler Architects: SPoT Bagel Bakery at The Newmark
4. Jay M. Peterson AIA, Architects: Horsehead Bay Residence
Award of Merit:
o Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA: Lundeen County Park, Lake Stevens
1. Zimmer Gunsul Frasca: Northgate Transit Center
2. Rex Hohlbein Architects: Smith/Uhlir Residence
3. Clint Pherson Architects: Amanda Park Library

Jury: Deborah K. Dietsch, Charles Gwathmey, Ralph Johnson; Moderator Rebecca Barnes

Honor Awards:
* Salem Witch Trials Tercentenary Memorial: James Cutler Architects
* Seafirst Gallery: NBBJ
* Weaver Bergh Residence: Miller/Hull Partnership
* Marquand Retreat: Miller/Hull Partnership
Awards of Merit:
* Bellevue Library: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
* College Activities Building, Evergreen State College: Olson Sundberg Architects
* South Padre Island (TX) Convention Center: Loschky Marquardt & Nesholm.
* Kingston Ferry Terminal: Hewitt Isley
* Whidbey Island House: Lane Williams Architects
* Meadow House: Olson/Sundberg Architects
* Administrative Building, Washington Corrections Center for Women: Integrus Architecture
* Evergreen State College Lab Annex: Carlson/Ferrin Architects

Jury: Arthur Andersson, Ted Flato, Stephen Kliment; Moderator Peter Miller

Honor Awards:
* Banner Building: Weinstein Copeland Architects
* Zymogenetics: Daly & Associates/NBBJ Associated Architects
* Pacific Medical Center Tower Addition: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
* Paulk Residence: James Cutler Architects
Awards of Merit:
* San Juan Island Gatehouse: Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA
* Connelly Cabin: Arne Bystrom FAIA
* Island House: The Miller/Hull Partnership
* Cascade Court Apartments: GGLO Architecture and Interior Design

Jury: Julie Eizenberg, Ziva Frieman, Leonard Parker; Steven Holl Conceptual; Moderator Aaron Betsky
Honor Awards/Completed:
* Olympic College Shelton: The Miller/Hull Partnership
* Garfield Community Center: The Miller/Hull Partnership
* Washington Pass Rest Facility: Kelbaugh, Calthorpe & Associates with Einar Jarmund, Design Associate
Award of Merit/Completed:
* St. James Cathedral Renovation: The Bumgardner Architects
* Bellingham Technical College Administration Building: Olson/Sundberg
* Town Center Pavilion, Seaside: David Coleman/Architecture Commendation/Completed:
* Hornall Residence: George Suyama Architects
* The Grounded Angel - An Architecture of Reclamation: Anthony Pellecchia AIA
* Urban Reconceptualization Project for Anchorage, Alaska: Anderson Anderson Architecture
* Four Houses and a Bluff: Andrew Bromberg
* Topomorphic House: Anthony Pellecchia AIA, WPa, Inc.

Jury: Peter Davey, James Polshek, Billie Tsien & Tod Williams; Moderator Jerry Finrow

Awards of Merit/Completed:
* ROlympic Natural Resources Center: Weinstein Copeland Architects
* REI Seattle Flagship Store: Mithun Partners, Inc.
* Dunkley Residence: Arne Bystrom FAIA
* The Spa at the Salish Lodge: Mithun Partners, Inc.
* Dane County Exposition Center (Madison, Wisconsin: LMN Architects
* Commander Naval Base Seattle Headquarters Building & Navy Band Seattle Facility at Silverdale: LMN Architects
* Microsoft Redmond West Campus Cafeteria: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
* Pilchuck Glass School Hot Shop Annex: Weinstein Copeland Architects
* Camarda Residence on Vashon Island: The Miller/Hull Partnership
* Urban Villa: Olson Sundberg Architects
* Object of Thought: WPa (Anthony Pellecchia AIA)
* Kansai National Science Library: Anderson Anderson Architecture
* Point Roberts Border Station: The Miller/Hull Partnership
* Home House: Olson Sundberg Architects

1997 AIA Seattle HONOR AWARDS FOR WASHINGTON ARCHITECTURE Announced 17 November 97, Bagley Wright Theatre
Jury: The Boston All-Stars: Robert Campbell, M. David Lee, Sheila Kennedy; Moderator Mark Hinshaw; Nancy Hammer Conceptual
Honor Awards/Completed:
* The Frye Art Museum Expansion & Remodel: Olson/Sundberg Architects
* Methow Valley Cabin: Lawrence Architecture
* Solbeck Residence: Weinstein/Copeland Architects
* Seattle Asian Art Museum Sandstone Restoration: Leavengood Architects
* Architectural Office/Gallery/Retail: George Suyama Architects
Awards of Merit/Completed:
* Bell Street Pier: Hewitt Isley
* A Contemporary Theatre (ACT): Callison Architecture
* Studio House: Olson/Sundberg Architects
* Harbor Steps East Apartments: Hewitt Isley
* Turner Construction Company: NBBJ
* 410 Raye Street: Lane Williams Architects
* Swedish Medical Center, Ambulatory Care: NBBJ
* Discovery Park Vsisitor Center & Nature Day Camp: The Miller/Hull Partnership Citation/Conceptual:
� "Home Sweet Home:" Gustau Gili Galfetti
� "rectifier:" rectifiers
� "Artist-Made Building Parts:" King County Public Art
� "Enlow Vacation House:" Anderson Anderson Architecture

1998 AIA Seattle Honor Awards for Washington Architecture
Announced November 16, 1998 at The Opera House, Seattle
Jury: Merrill Elam FAIA, Andrea Leers FAIA, John Meunier AIA, RIBA. Moderator Trevor Fairbrother could not participate due to illness; Honor Awards Committee CoChair Mark Brennan AIA filled in nobly.
Honor Awards/Completed:
* KCPQ Channel 13 Broadcast Studio, Seattle: Callison Architecture, Inc.
* Michaels/Sisson Residence, Mercer Island: The Miller/Hull Partnership
* Mayer Museum Residence, Denver: Olson/Sundberg Architects
* Point Roberts Border Station, Point Roberts International Boundary: The Miller/Hull Partnership
Awards of Merit/Completed:
� Temple Bnai Torah, Bellevue: Walter Schacht Architects
� Benaroya Hall, Seattle: LMN Architects
� Orchard Residence, Naches Valley: The Miller/Hull Partnership Commendations/Completed:
� Water Pollution Control Lab, Portland: The Miller/Hull Partnership
� WaHeLut Indian School, Olympia: Bassetti Architects
� North Mason Timberland Library, Belfair: Carlson Architects
� The Cutler/Girdler Residence, Medina: The Wendell Lovett Architects
� Port Gardner Landing, Everett: Bumgardner
� The Pilchuck Glass School Studio Annex, Stanwood: Weinstein Copeland Architects
� St. Mark's Cathedral Expansion, Seattle: Olson/Sundberg Architects
� Observation Tower, San Juan Islands: Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA Citations/Conceptual:
� "Grande Ronde Ranch:" The Miller/Hull Partnership
� "Park," by Rectifier
� "Trains in the City:" Anderson Anderson Architecture

1999 "Designing the Pacific Gateway" at Benaroya Hall
Jury: Eva Jiricna, Fumihiko Maki Hon. FAIA, Rafael Vi�oly FAIA, JIA. Moderator Seattle Mayor Paul Schell Hon. AIA; Conceptual entries reviewed by Peter Q. Bohlin FAIA
Honor Award:
* City of Seattle West Police Precinct/911 Communications Center: Weinstein Copeland Architects/Roth Sheppard Architects
Award of Merit:
* Cabin & Pumphouse on Maury Island: The Miller|Hull Partnership
* Queen Anne Hill Residence: David Coleman/Architecture
* Kennewick Library: Buffalo Design
* Cooling Towers, Sea-Tac International Airport: Arai/Jackson Architects & Planners
* Yaquina Head Interpretive Center (Newport, Oregon): The Miller|Hull Partnership
* UW School of Fisheries Building: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Conceptual Citations:
· "Klipsan Beach Cabin:" Tom Frye AIA/Baylis Architects
· "The Brain - A Filmmaker's Studio:" Olson/Sundberg
· "Boston Athenaeum Insertion:" Marc A. Roehrle
· "Axis Aurora:" Peter Sackett, Christopher Small, Jacqueline Blakeley
· "47N: 122W, Orange Light Madness (Intern Action):" Geoff Anderson, Nick Nakadate, Eduardo Ponce
· "Harbor Island Pacific Bird Aviary:" Kristofor H. Zehm

2000 "Outside In: Views Across the Fence" at Benaroya Hall
Jury: Craig Hodgetts AIA, Joseph Valerio FAIA, Marion Weiss; Moderator James S. Russell AIA

Honor Awards:
*Bellevue Art Museum: Steven Holl Architects, Sclater Partners associate architects
*Bainbridge Island City Hall (Bainbridge Island): The Miller/Hull Partnership
*Pine Forest Cabin (Winthrop): James Cutler Architects
*The Brain: A Filmmaker's Studio (Seattle): Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects
Awards of Merit:
· Good Samaritan Hospital, Dr. Donald & Beret Mott Children's Center (Puyallup): Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
· Gosline Residence (Seattle): Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
· Roddy-Bale Residence (Bellevue): The Miller/Hull Partnership
� First Christian Reformed Church Additions & Alterations (Shoreline): BjarkoSerra Architects
� House of Charity (Spokane): Northwest Architectural Company
� Polson Building/Mahlum Architects Offices (Seattle): Mahlum Architects
� Reebok World Headquarters (Canton, Massachusetts): NBBJ
� Saffron (Sammamish), Bumgardner
� Turtle Bay Exploration Park Visitor Center (Redding, California): Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Not Yet Built /Award of Merit:
· Seattle Central Public Library (Seattle): OMA/LMN a Joint Venture
Not Yet Built /Commendation:
· Reno-Sparks Convention Center Addition & Renovation (Reno): LMN Architects
Conceptual Announced November 6 at On the Boards
Jury: James Cutler FAIA, Kevin Matthews, Barbara Swift; Moderator Richard Mohler
Conceptual Citation:
* "transPIER:" CAST design build

* AIA Seattle 2000 Honor Awards for Washington Architecture
* AIA Seattle 2001 Honor Awards for Washington Architecture
* AIA Seattle 2002 Honor Awards for Washington Architecture
* AIA Seattle 2003 Honor Awards for Washington Architecture


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