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AIA+2030 Professional Series 2013


AIA Seattle, the Seattle Chapter of American Institute of Architects, with partners BetterBricks, the City of Seattle, and Architecture 2030 present AIA+2030 Professional Series: Prepare for the New Energy Future.

The AIA+2030 Professional Series helps design professionals create buildings that meet the ambitious energy efficiency goals of the 2030 Challenge. Ten four-hour sessions offer strategies to reach 60% reduction in fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions, giving design professionals the knowledge and leverage to create next-generation, super-efficient buildings—and provide firms with the skills that will set them apart in the marketplace.

Sessions assume participants have an intermediate understanding of the suite of energy efficiency strategies and technologies available to a design professional. Session information is cumulative and aims to provide an overall understanding of specific design strategies and how they can be integrated to provide optimal results. Regional and National case studies will illustrate concepts and lessons learned. Experts from both academia and active practice will lead the sessions. Participants will be provided tools to take back to their firms to help share and implement the knowledge and skills gained.


 In order to maximize group learning and information transfer, session attendance will be limited to 60 seats. 



      Feb 8 Session 1:  The 2030 Challenge: setting + achieving energy goals with integrated design
      Mar 8

Session 2:  Getting to 60: the power of targets + load reduction

      Apr 12  Session 3:  Accentuate the positive: climate responsive design
      May 10 Session 4:  Skins: the importance of the thermal envelope
      Jun 14 Session 5:  Passively-Aggressive: employing passive systems for load reduction
      Jul 12 Session 6:  Illuminating savings: daylighting and integrated lighting strategies
      Aug 9 Session 7:  Right-sized: equipment and controls for super-efficient building system
      Sep 13  Session 8:  Site power: renewable energy opportunities
      Oct 11 Session 9:  The hand-off + staying in shape: operations, maintenance + education
      Nov 8  Session 10:  Putting it all together: achieving 2030 goals on the project and at the office



Robert B. Peña
University of Washington
Rob Peña is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington where he teaches architectural design and environmental control systems courses with an emphasis on ecological design and high-performance buildings. Rob is the former director of Ecological Design Consulting for Van der Ryn Architects and the Ecological Design Institute in Sausalito, California.

As a building performance consultant with the UW Integrated Design Lab, Rob works regionally with design teams on the development of high performance and net-zero energy buildings. He is working to establish Architecture 2030 energy standards on the campus of the University of Washington and in the City of Seattle.

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The AIA Seattle Sustainable Design Symbol indicates education opportunities that provide the tools and skills necessary to create high-performance buildings.

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