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Public Policy Board

David Walsh AIA

J. Irons (206) 448-4938 ext. 102

Walter Schacht AIA
Mark Reddington FAIA
Susan Busch AIA
Jason Romine AIA
George Shaw AIA
Dennis Haskell FAIA

The Public Policy Board meets the first Tuesday of the month from noon-1:30pm. Current agendas and meeting notes from the previous meeting are posted on the righthand side of this page.

If you are interested in having the Public Policy Board review an advocacy issue, please submit it to the AIA Seattle staff person listed above two weeks prior to the meeting date.

The AIA Seattle Public Policy Board is an appointed board, comprised of a Chair and Vice Chair, (both of whom are AIA Seattle Board members), and three or more additional AIA Seattle members selected by the Board of Directors and appointed by the President. The Chair will work in collaboration with the Executive Director and his/her staff designee in charge of government relations. All are welcome to attend Public Policy Board meetings. In order to ensure the Public Policy Board benefits from the knowledge of our various AIA Seattle volunteer committees, members of said AIA Seattle Committees such as COTE, Code, and Urban Design Committee are encouraged to attend as appropriate. Committees are encouraged to take positions to the Public Policy Board in order to maximize their impact.

To effect change on priority public policy issues related to the built environment

Guiding Principles

  • The Public Policy Board selects a limited number of issues to maximize its effectiveness.
  • The Public Policy Board addresses issues relevant to the profession that are of citywide and regional importance.
  • The Public Policy Board does not give critiques on the design solutions of individual projects, but does address issues that have implications beyond a specific project.
  • The Public Policy Board recommends positions on issues for consideration by the AIA Seattle Board.
  • The AIA Seattle Board issues new position statements on behalf of the organization.
  • The Public Policy Board, seeks input from other design and allied professionals.
  • The Public Policy Board and AIA Seattle do not endorse political candidates.
A note about Political Campaigns:
AIA Seattle strives to represent the diverse interests of its members, and to identify and advocate for issues important to the profession.  Because political campaigns involve multiples issues, and political candidates have multi-faceted platforms, AIA Seattle cannot, and does not endorse individual political candidates.  AIA Seattle’s position in this regard may differ from other AIA Chapters at the local, state or national levels.  AIA Seattle wants its members to be aware of its position on this issue, and to be advised that any messaging or marketing efforts that appear to conflict with this message are not endorsed by the AIA Seattle.


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